About Dr. Emily Keller

Work With Me

Offering play therapy training/supervision, wellness workshops, and community-building interventions.

My goal is to connect people to a sense of wonder

  • Offering play therapy training to help psychotherapists working with children to understand the role of wonder in growth and healing.
  • Helping people who are wanting to hand-craft a life filled with connection to self, others, and the world around them. 
  • Incorporating expressive arts and play to transform communities.

A playful society is a healthy society. 

Having redesigned my life and career to create time for wonder, I intentionally made space for community service. Join me in my work to build community by inviting people to see the wonder in all life.

My Beliefs

You are just as important as everybody else

People-pleasing and perfectionism stand in the way of fulfilling dreams

Feeling is as important as thinking

Intuition is here to guide us

We can work cooperatively with others to achieve our dreams

Negative beliefs squelch authentic self

Negative beliefs and emotion constellations form from traumatic experiences and take the place of authentic self

Not all trauma is "T" trauma

Being out of touch with who we are authentically is a source of depression, anxiety, and anger

Realignment with our truth is empowering and inspiring!

My Approach to Psychotherapy

I work with individuals, couples, families, and children. I integrate energy psychotherapy, redecision therapy, gestalt therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy to help my clients reach their goals. I work to increase a sense of wonder in all of my clients.

Many of us miss out on essential emotional literacy, mindfulness techniques, and communication skills during our childhood. Without these tools, we grow up either too disconnected from our feelings or too unclear about what our very strong feelings are saying. As a result, we often don’t trust our intuition and aren’t sure about what we want.

As an individual, as a partner, or a parent, you may feel that life lacks meaning and purpose and that you are stuck in a rut. By increasing emotional literacy skills, mindfulness, and communication tools, you can resolve past hurts, and turn around your life.

My belief is that when we are connected with our authentic, true self, we see the beauty and wonder in ourselves and others. Then, we are willing to feel, think, and problem-solve cooperatively — despite our differences.

Read my article in Play Therapy MagazineWonder: The Key to Being in an Authentic Relationship with Children

Learn about my social justice play therapy work: Columbinus by the Social Justice Theater of the Carolinas

Emily Keller, PhD, LCMHCS, RPT-S

Emily Keller, PhD, LCMHCS, RPT-S

Continuing Education

Learn to cultivate a sense of wonder in your therapeutic work. Sign up for play therapy and counseling CE training.

Wellness Workshops

Get in touch with your authentic self. Learn how to gain insight and clarity about how to create a meaningful connected life.

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