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 Child & Teen Therapy | Play Therapy Training | Play Therapy Supervision

My goal is to connect children and teens to a sense of wonder — in themselves, others, and the world 

  • I work directly with clients–offering play therapy, sand tray, and expressive arts counseling to children, teens, and their families.
  • I work with other therapists–offering play therapy training and supervision to help mental health practitioners working with children to become a Registered Play Therapist. 

Emily Keller, PhD, LPCC (CA 10821), LCMHCS (NC S11488), NCC, RPT-S, 

I Help Children & Families

Heal from trauma

Change patterns of generational trauma

Gain emotional regulation skills

Build a sense of safety and trust

Learn to work cooperatively rather than competitively

Develop a healthy sense of self

Increase confidence and authentic expression of self

Discover joyful connections

Grieve during times of mourning and loss

Develop respectful boundaries

My Approach to Psychotherapy

I work with children, teens, & families. My approach to therapy is integrative. I integrate redecision therapy, gestalt therapy, play therapy, expressive arts, and sand tray therapy to help children, teens, and their families grieve, heal, and grow.

My belief is that when we are connected with our authentic, true self, we see the beauty and wonder in ourselves and others. Then, we are willing to feel, think, and problem-solve cooperatively — despite our differences.

My Experience

Before moving to Livermore, I was the vice president and co-director of the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy. While there, I led post-graduate training workshops on play therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy. I co-led a training program, couples weekend retreats, weekly group therapy, and monthly group therapy for therapists. I also offered play therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy services.

Additionally, I have experience working at a pediatric inpatient mental health facility with children, teens, and their families; at a children’s bereavement center, where I co-led groups for parents who had lost children; and in private practice.

In addition to a dual master’s degree and a doctorate in counselor education and supervision,  I have post-graduate training in couples therapy, family therapy, and play therapy.

I have presented at conferences locally, nationally, and internationally on play therapy. My workshops focus on emotional regulation, metaphor, and integrating family therapy and play therapy to benefit children and teens.


My most recent publication is about the body, disenfranchised grief, and how yoga can help heal grief by offering direct communication of the safety,  presence, and resources available in the here-and-now moment. Yoga also invites relaxation, which offers restoration and renewal at a cellular level.

Keller, E. R. (2024). Our bodies: Holders of unspoken grief. In Disenfranchised Grief (pp. 42-58). Routledge.

Read my article in Play Therapy MagazineWonder: The Key to Being in an Authentic Relationship with Children

Emily Keller, PhD, LPCC (CA 10821), LCMHCS (NC S11488), NCC, RPT-S,

Emily Keller, PhD, LPCC (CA 10821), LCMHCS (NC S11488), NCC, RPT-S,

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