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The Dark Side of Self-Care

Some people fill their social media feeds with pictures of self-care activities. They proudly preach the necessities of self-care. ("Some people" includes me.) Yet, self-care is more than an act to be observed, it is an internal art to witness. Without understanding...

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Feeling Together Episode 1 Transcript

Feeling Together Podcast - Episode 1 - Introduction to the Podcast Click here to listen to this episode. Click here to donate and support this podcast. Welcome to the Feeling Together podcast, the show that helps you are your family feel together again. Your host dr....

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Wonder in the Everyday Moment

Yesterday, Facebook sent me a "memory" that reminded me of the wonder in the everyday moment. It went like this: Me to my son: Make a wish (as he was about to blow a dandelion). My son: I wish with all my might that I may blow all the seeds off this dandelion and...

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Follow the Wonder

My husband and I took our then-only son to the North Carolina zoo for the first time when he was two years old. We bought an annual family pass and an hour and a half later, we were glad we did! We decided to let him follow the wonder and let him explore as...

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What is Family Play Therapy

Family play therapy is as unique as your family People seeking family play therapy often wonder if the family play therapist has ever worked with "families like ours." This is a good question for anyone seeking family play therapy to ask a potential therapist! If the...

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