Exploring Religious and Spiritual Themes in Play Therapy

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Religious and spiritual beliefs develop and evolve throughout the lifespan. Clients often turn to religion and spirituality to draw strength and hope during difficult times. Bereavement is such a time. The bereaved often draw on religious and spiritual rituals to help them get through difficult times such as the ones we are living through. Religion and spirituality are largely influenced by family and culture. 


While there isn't a lot of research about religion and spirituality in play therapy, it is commonly documented that religious and spiritual themes emerge throughout play therapy. In fact, many sand tray play therapists have a variety of miniatures representing different faiths and spiritual beliefs.

Research does suggest that counselors have implicit biases that may affect how we view others' religious beliefs even without our realizing it. Furthermore, research suggests that religion and spirituality are two different constructs and can predict different health and well-being outcomes.

This workshop offers a synthesis of research into religious and spiritual beliefs, multicultural humility, and play therapy themes. The workshop is designed to help play therapists become aware of the role of religious and spiritual play therapy themes in enhancing a child's and family's overall health and wellness. It is also designed to increase awareness of how our own beliefs may enhance or inhibit our supporting play themes related to religious and spiritual beliefs that are different from our own. 

Learning Objectives

  • Describe religious and spiritual play therapy themes through a faith-development lens
  • Compare and contrast religious and spiritual themes and how they may emerge in the play therapy 
  • Discuss the importance of cultivating cultural humility among play therapists

Faculty: Emily Keller, Ph.D., LCMHC-S, LPCC, RPT-S™
Dates: December 3, 2022
Times: 8 to 11 AM

Registration: $90, (EARLY BIRD: $75 by Nov. 20) 

Non-Contact CE Hours: 3 (APT) (For RPT training purposes, this workshop offers 2 hours of skills and one hour of special topics/development)

Level: All
Participants: Mental Health Professionals, School Counselors


30 Minute Introduction to religion and spirituality (R/S) as research constructs

30 Minute discussion about play therapy research related to R/S

30 Minute exploration of R/S beliefs in participants

30 Minute exploration of R/S symbols and metaphors

30 Minute exploration of R/S themes in play therapy

30 Minute discussion of bias and culture; cultural humility

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December 3rd, 2022 from 12:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Livermore, 94551
United States
Phone: 2109122805
Event Fee(s)
Registration Fee $90.00

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