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The Feeling Together Podcast is a result of my dedication to getting emotional literacy and wellness information and tools into the hands of people who need them, especially parents and families. This way, we will be helping to raise a generation of emotionally connected humans who have the capacity and desire to build healthier societies (thus, producing healthier people). 

As you can tell, I am putting together the podcast episodes by myself. And I am learning and acquiring equipment as I go. I trust that the more I do it, the better the outcome. Yet, what I really want to do is focus on putting together high-quality content for the podcast and on writing a book for families. Outsourcing podcast production will help. That's where your contribution comes in. 

I am seeking donations to support the production of this podcast to free up more time to put into writing high-quality episodes and to focus on writing a parenting book. I believe that with a year of high-quality podcast production it will become self-sustaining. 

I appreciate your non-tax-refundable contribution and support!


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