Read the book Prescriptive Play Therapy: Tailoring Interventions for Specific Childhood Problems. at your own pace. You might want to highlight material that stands out to you.

When you are finished, begin taking the two quizzes associated with this course.

  • The first assesses your knowledge of the content. This open-book 42-question quiz requires answering 80% of the questions correctly in order to pass. You may make multiple attempts to pass. You may also save your progress.
  • The second quiz is an evaluation. We value your feedback and look forward to improving our services.

When you have completed all portions of this book course, you will receive a certificate to download and save.

APT credits are available as listed in the course description.  CEs are offered by Dr. Emily Keller, LPCC, RPT-S, approved provider 19-581. Credit for play therapy is available to mental health professionals as identified in the course description. Courses that do not qualify for play therapy credit are clearly listed.

Contact Dr. keller at for more information. 

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