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The advancement of our social discourse and progress depends on our capacity to feel more than it does to think and reason. Our minds filters out or distorts information it considers threatening to our self concept.

In order for to have the capacity to explore information that feels threatening to who we believe we are, we need to have emotional literacy and emotional regulation skills. We will not hold and process that which we can not contain.

Children learn from a young age to discount and ignore feelings. The receive messages from their family and society about how to do that. Essentially, we tend to see feelings as a sign of weakness rather than a strength. In reality feelings are a strength and it seems we need them now more than ever.

Not only are we living in a society that invites us to discount feelings, we also are living in a time in which it is easy to distort and spread information in the forms of text, photos, and videos. When we tune in to our emotions (and intuition) we are better prepared to discern fact from fiction.

Feeling Together is dedicated to helping families learn emotional literacy and emotional regulation skills. We want to change the way people feel and feelings. We want to help people learn the power and value of feeling TOGETHER.

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