Feeling Together Podcast

Dr. Keller is a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist specializing in counseling services to helping couples and families CONNECT IN LOVING WAYS. Dr. Keller offers a podcast to promote a healthy bond and secure attachment between people while promoting healthy autonomy for children and adults. She offers psychotherapy services to help promote reflection, inspire creativity, and encourage emotional wellness.

Many of us miss out on essential emotional literacy, mindfulness techniques, and communication skills during childhood. Without these tools, we grow up either too disconnected from our feelings or too unclear about what our feelings are saying. As a result, we often don’t trust our intuition and aren’t sure about what we want and need.

As an individual, a partner, or a parent, you may feel that life lacks meaning and purpose and that you are stuck in a rut. By increasing emotional literacy skills, mindfulness, and communication tools, you can resolve past hurts, and turn around your life. I created this podcast to help you tune in to your and/or your children’s emotions to gain insight and clarity about how to create a meaningful connected life.

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I look forward to hearing from you. I wish you well in creating a life and way of living that that brings you joy and delight.

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