Every year, the Association for Play Therapy promotes “National Play Therapy Week” in February. This year, I had the pleasure of giving play therapy workshops in Port Antonio, Jamaica, during National Play Therapy Week, which was celebrated Feb. 2-8.

The play therapy workshops were given during the USATAA (USA Transactional Analysis Association) Annual Gathering of transactional Analysts from around the world. The Gathering has been held for more than 20 years at Frenchman’s Cove in Jamaica. This year, it attracted people from the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, Israel, Jamaica, The Netherlands, and Belgium. We learned about Jamaican culture, the power of listening, mindful psychotherapy, KEG (Keys to Emotional Growth) cards, injunctions, ways to apply psychodrama, Functional Fluency, and SO much more!

In addition to all of this, people local to Jamaica as well as people from the US and Canada attended the play therapy workshops for even more continuing education. I am humbled that they gave up precious time on the beach to learn with me. I also learned that next time, I will hold play therapy training at another time and just attend the Gathering so I can soak up more sun and more social time with dear people–some new and some older friends.

The official play therapy workshops included:

  • Integrating Play Therapy and Transactional Analysis
  • Integrating Sand Tray and Play Therapy through a TA Lens
  • Using Expressive Arts in Play Therapy to Facilitate Emotional Regulation

Unofficial lectures, given as part of the Gathering, included:

  • Play Therapy, relationships, and community
  • Introduction to Gestalt Play Therapy

I am very grateful to USATTA for allowing me the opportunity to extend the offer of play therapy training at the Gathering. It was an experiment that worked well. If you didn’t travel to the Gathering this year, I hope you will consider it in 2021. Yes, the drive through the mountains can be rough, but it is SO worth it. Plus, there is an alternative route I just learned about.

Frenchman’s Cove is a rustic-chic getaway. I nad no room phone, no cell service, and no room wife. So I definitely got away. At the same time, I got in touch with my deeper longings and visions for my career. The time to myself was just what I needed.

My latest career change was a difficult decision. The cross-country move that followed was huge for me and my family. Now, I have the opportunity to do things my way.

My way includes time for myself, my family, writing, and creating. It also includes crafting workshops that I love to give! The image to the right offers a little bit of the feedback I heard about my presentations. Another word I hear often is “saturated.” Saturated describes exactly how I feel. I am learning that the more I give (of my time in this case), the more I receive in return. I feel fully inspired for what is coming next. A “partner in design” and I have something big in the works … so stay tuned.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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