Teen Counseling

Finding Balance

Dr. Emily Keller integrates talk therapy, expressive arts, sand tray, and more to help teens find balance internally as well as in their ever-expanding world. 

Emotional Wellness

  • Safety

  • Clarity

  • Confidence

  • Mindfulness

  • Cooperating with Loved Ones

Helping Teens Find Their Shine

Finding a balance between internal and external nurture and support offers safety in today’s world

  • Trusting their intuition
  • Speaking their truth
  • Knowing when to ask for help
  • Journeying forward

Is your teen struggling?

Teen therapy can help them reconnect to their strengths and find their shine.

Expressive Arts with Teens

Using expressive arts therapy helps teenagers: 

      • Overcome resistance
      • Discover various parts and aspects of themselves
      • Find their voice
      • Express that which is described as being “beyond words,” such as trauma
      • Feel empowered 
      • Integrate their strengths

Sand Tray

Sand tray is a nonverbal expressive art used by mental health professionals with clients of all ages. This form of psychotherapy uses metaphor to help clients, in this case teens, share their experiences of the world. The sand tray itself offers a confined safe space for clients to express themselves and heal.

In the therapy session, teens will use a variety of miniatures to represent their inner world and subconscious in the sand. Sand tray bypasses words and language and engages the right brain to facilitate meaning-making and integration as teens discover and express various aspects of themselves.

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