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Using her natural warmth, Dr. Emily Keller creates an infectious atmosphere of wonder and excitement for trainees to learn and grow. She possesses a unique ability to transport learners to a world full of possibilities, inspiring others to change the world in which we live. Specifically, her work around parenting from a place of wonder will fundamentally change your practice. If you are looking to heal and rejuvenate while you learn, invest in a training with Emily; you will not be disappointed!

Renee Turner, PhD, LPC-S, RPT, S

Director, Holistic Counseling and Training Center, Texas

The Be in Wonder play therapy workshop brought me back to the space where relationship naturally manifests . The parents I work with are embracing the concept of wonder and experiencing connection and joy with their adolescents, in particular, but also with one another. They are re-committing to seeing their children through the eyes of wonder and finding that it is the anecdote to judgment, disappointment, fear, and anger. Where there is wonder self-doubt, worry, and anxiety cannot exist.

This workshop is rich with direct personal experience. Dr. Keller combines film, art, and play to inform technique and theory. Her experiential approach to teaching methodology and strategy is what brings to life the key ideas of this seminar.  The Be in Wonder workshop has helped me to refine my art. The resulting insights that I have gained with clients and the success that we continue to experience together move me forward with great excitement and anticipation. Do not miss it!

Ilona Merli

Director, One You Education, California

Dr. Keller’s play therapy workshops have been transformative in my work with children and families.  She  offers a combination of theory and hands-on experiences that have deepened my understanding of play therapy as well as added to my repertoire of interventions.  I leave each workshop feeling a renewed excitement in my work! 

Stacy Nalley, LCSW

Social Worker, Private Practice, North Carolina

I attended Dr. Emily Keller’s presentation on Wonder at the Berne Institute, UK in March 2019. As I listened to her teaching, I could connect with her wonder-ness if you can call it so. I could also connect with my wonder that stimulated many thought processes. I realize, that if one gets in touch with their internal sense of wonder, there is limitless scope for creativity. Emily has a sense of wonder in her expression and engaging with the group. Her child-like enthusiasm, her adult-like presence and parent-like wisdom helps the participants get grounded and engaged. She is clear in her teaching, which is important as a participant to follow the concept which is simple and profound. I recommend anyone who wants to integrate their creativity, knowledge and wisdom to attend the workshop by Dr. Emily Keller on Wonder.

Deepak Dhananjaya,

Certified Transactional Analysis (CTA) - Psychotherapy, Agile and Leadership Coach, India

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