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Continuing Education

Learn to cultivate a sense of wonder in your therapeutic work. Sign up for play therapy and counseling CE training.

Wellness Workshops

Get in touch with your authentic self. Learn how to gain insight and clarity about how to create a meaningful connected life.

More Ways We Can Work Together

In addition to Play Therapy Training and Wellness Workshops there are other ways we can work together.


Many of the psychotherapy clients (individuals, couples, and families) I work with have little time for connection — to self, others, spirit, and nature. Their disconnect/s exacerbate underlying general maladaptations as well as trauma.

I help clients make the space they need to invite connection, healing, and growth.

Current clients:

Here’s a list of supplies to facilitate our working online together:

  • Coloring items
  • Blank paper
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Small poster board




I am available for experiential-based speaking and workshop engagements for 2022.

“Setting the Stage: An Exploration of Integrating Theater and Expressive Arts in Community”

“Community Collage: Moving from Scarcity and Fear to Abundance and Love”

Schedule a free 15-minute event booking consultation to see if we are a match. 




I am available for play therapy and counseling case consultations, specifically in working with parents to help facilitate play therapy and/or their own personal changes to support their children and families. I also help explore how to address religion and spirituality in counseling. For therapists, I offer “Nurture and Structure for Therapists” consultations to help you identify and change blocks to designing a workflow that works for you.

Schedule a consultation appointment.



I am not taking on new counseling (NC) or play therapy supervisees at this time.

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Feeling Together Podcast

One of our biggest gifts and inner guides is our feelings. We live in a society that values thinking while discounting and dismissing feelings. Yet, skills in emotional literacy and emotional regulation are exactly what we are needing. We need these skills to be able to hold thoughts that we find uncomfortable or threatening to our self-concept. I believe the advancement of our society depends as much on our capacity to hold uncomfortable feelings and thoughts as it does our ability to think.  Listen to the Feeling Together Podcast!

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Community Building

I work with like-minded people to use what we know about play, play therapy, theater, film, expressive arts, etc., to create a safe place to get in touch with, behold, and explore our beliefs about who we are, who others are, and our relationship with each other. My intention is to help people overcome biases that stand in the way of building a community that offers belonging to everyone no matter how different we are. 

Let’s build a healthy community that is playful and offers a sense of belonging to everyone.

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