Yoga Classes & Workshops

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra classes and workshops will be announced soon. Dr. Keller is receiving in-depth Yoga Nidra training and developing scripts and recordings for parents, teens, families, and individuals seeking the deep relaxation benefits of yoga sleep.

Yoga for Teen Athletes

As a psychotherapist working with children and teens, Dr. Keller has helped clients work through the psychological and physical manifestations of stress and performance anxiety. She pursued yoga certification specifically to deepen her understanding of how to help athletes increase an intuitive and trusting connection with their bodies.


Yoga for Children

As a Registered Play Therapist, Dr. Keller brings years of experience to the yoga classes she offers to children. These classes integrate yoga, mindfulness, imagination, and more to help children increase their mind-body connection, body awareness, and emotional regulation skills.



My Yoga Philosophy

Learn more about my yoga journey and philosophy. Why Ruha Yoga? Coming Soon

Yoga and Grief

Learn more about my writings on the topics of grief, the body, and yoga here.

Keller, E. R. (2024). Our bodies: Holders of unspoken grief. In Disenfranchised Grief (pp. 42-58). Routledge. Order Here. 

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